A country musical written by Robin Sharp exploring the dynamics of family, sex and what we love/hate about women.

Daughter of the Dust is a musical about Trixie Dixon, a young country singer in a small town about to get her big break (as long as her mother doesn’t mess it up for her.) Trixie was in a band with her mother Tanya called ‘The Dixon Chicks’, but Trixie decided to go solo after their last show, where her mother took off her top during a rendition of ‘She’s Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes’. It was at a children’s birthday party.

With the help of Trixie’s new manager and boyfriend, a slick city boy named Brian, she’s landed a month’s worth of solo shows at the famous country music venue ‘The Shindiggler’. There’s a clause in the contract, however, that says if her drunken mother comes within 50 feet of the theatre, the contract is cancelled. Can Trixie outrun her past and become a country star on her own? Will Tanya show up and ruin the big night, putting her daughter’s relationship with Brian, and her entire solo career, in jeopardy?

Daughter of The Dust is musical with a twist; the lead character, Trixie Dixon, will be played by a man in drag, helping to highlight the strongly imposed gender roles in country music, and creating a Twelfth Night-esque layer of cross dressing comedy to the plot when other characters start dressing in drag as well (Tanya sneaks into the club by pretending to be a man.) All in all the musical is a fun, at times outrageous, but also heartfelt take on country music and the people who make it.


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